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StingRay Parts Washer Options


Parts Washer Productivity

Pump Upgrades Rinse System, Heated Fresh Water Rinse Rust-Inhibitor Injector System
StingRay pump system upgrades for the parts washer are availeb from 20 horsepower up to the 140 quadroplex. The StingRay fresh hot water rinse system provides a heated fresh water closed-loop rinse at the end of each wash cycle to remove remaining detergent. Protect parts from corrosion and flash rust with the injector system
Remote Grease Lubrication Points Automatic Lubrication System Hand Rinse Wand
The Remote Grease fittings on StingRay Aqueous Parts Washers simplify the necessary maintenance. The StingRay automatic lubrication system ensures critical bearings are properly lubricated on a regular basis. Enables manual rinsing of spot areas after a wash cycle.
Turntable Capacity Turntable Jog Hour Meter
Higher rated capacities increase the work that can be performed in the parts washer. Convenient panel mounted industrial control for easy rotation of the turntable during parts loading. Panel mounted hour meter maintains parts washer operating hours.
High-Low Pressure Switch Pump Amp Meter Stainless Steel Cabinet
Selectable output pressure of duplex equipped pumping systems. Panel mounted digital display tracks parts washer pump amp draw. All standard wetted components are stainless steel.
 Pure Rinse: Reverse Osmosis Water System Adjustable Pressure Control  Vacuum Dryer
 Provides SPOT FREE rinses via a Reverse Osmosis membrane system removes hard water minerals. The StingRay AC variable speed drive provides optimum control of motor speed and torque for energy efficient wash pressure and flow control. Efficient Method to remove moisture with reduced pressures resulting in faster drying.

Parts Washer Configuration

 Automatic Steam Exhaust System  Center Manifold Probe  Short High Impact Manifold 
 Eliminate steam from your StingRay parts washer with the Automatic Steam Exhaust (ASE) system.  Washes and rinses hollow diameter parts where the interior is not ready accessible to standard spray manifold arms.  Two machines in one.  A standard machine and a shorter ultra high impact machine.
 Hot-Air Blow-Off  High Speed Evaporation Drying  Pump Pressure Regulator
 The Hot Air Blow Off (HABO) system speed dries parts.  Speeds flash drying of parts at lower cost than Hot Air Blow Off with near equal results.  The Pump Pressure Regulator allows the operator to adjust the pressure discharge from the wash nozzles. 
 50 Hz Operation  World Model  Heat Source - Gas, Electric, Steam
 Provides the necessary changes to the parts washer to operate with the identical performance parameters as 60 Hertz.  Parts washers for worldwide use. International Freight, Crating & VCI wrap.  Choice of heating systems to fit your plant energy source.

Parts Washer Solution Management

 Oil Skimmer  Sludge Scraper  In-Line Filtration
 Oil Skimmer removes surface waste oils floating on the parts washer cleaning solution surface.  The Sludge Scraper removes sludge, rocks, sand, soil and other solid wastes from the bottom of the parts washer reservoir.  Filters all parts washer fluid before discharging through the wash nozzles.
 Oil Coalescing System  Solution Transfer Pump  Sludge Pump
Separates waste oil from Parts Washer cleaning solution.  The StingRay solution transfer pump is especially designed for transferring water-based liquids, fluids and solutions from the parts washer. Ideal pump for handling all parts washer solutions and for clean out of your industrial parts washer.
Wastewater Evaporator    
Automated, efficient evaporation that greatly reduces waste water disposal costs.    

  Parts Washer Safety

 Pump Sound Barrier  Industrial Control & Safety Disconnect  Chemical Spill Containment Pan
 Reduces noise from pump motor.  Add safety control to the parts washer for employee protection.  Secondary Containment, industry best practice for preventing reportable spill.

  Part Washer Material Handling

Parts Washing Baskets   Parts Washing Fixtures Tie-Down Ratchet Straps
Simplifies placing smaller items on the parts washer turntable for cleaning. Positions parts for optimum cleaning improve rinsing, and drainage for best flash drying. A straightforward method of binding parts and baskets to the parts washer turntable for washing.
Parts Loading Jib Boom  Turntable Anchoring Attachments  Turntable Liner
Provides a convenient loading means mounted to the parts washer. Provides an uncomplicated way to attach and properly position wash loads on the parts washer turntable. Provides a stable and even surface for loading parts.
Pit Installation    
Lowers the height of the turntable to shop floor level for ease of loading & unloading.    

  Parts Washer Energy Conservation

 Thermal Insulation  Internal Reservoir Cover  Pump Size
Saves Energy, lowers cost to heat machine. Reduces noise. Increases Safety, Conserves Energy and Improves Productivity.  Properly sized pumps for the correct power density for the parts cleaning work save energy.
Steam Exhaust Damper    
Volume control of steam exhaust saves energy and maximizes wash temperature.    

StingRay Parts Washers

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