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Parts Washer Option: Pure Rinse Reverse Osmosis System

StingRay Pure Rinse: Reverse Osmosis System

StingRay Pure Rinse Reverse Osmosis System

Water is 95% of your cleaning solution, the quality of your water greatly affects your cleaning results. Tap water is made safe for drinking; it is not designed for cleaning. Hard water components Calcium and Magnesium are the main culprits. These two elements leave water spots, accumulate on heated surfaces, and combine with cleaning detergents to create sludge. Grocery stores stock distilled water in the cleaning isle because it is good for cleaning.

 Minerals in tap water are generally good for our health but these same minerals cause all kinds of issues when using tap water for cleaning.

The Pure Rinse system removes the minerals in tap water to provide SPOT FREE rinses and Pure Water for your StingRay. The advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane system removes hard water minerals from your incoming water supply thereby eliminating them from showing up as stains on your parts.  Pure make-up water needs less detergent and enhances cleaning as 100% of your chemical goes to increasing alkalinity and boosting cleaning power.Spot -Free-Rinse-Reverse-Osmosis-System-Mounting

The Pure Rinse System is fully integrated with your StingRay Parts Washer.  All makeup and rinse water is provided by the Pure Rinse System on-demand from an electric delivery pump.  The system automatically cycles to produce filtered RO water as needed for rinse and make-up water.  All Pure Rinse Systems include a 5 micron sediment and chlorine pre-filter and gauges for monitoring system performance.  The concentrate recycling valve minimizes water consumption.

Parts Washer Pure-Rinse-Reverse-Osmosis-RO-Spot-free-Cleaning Results StingRay

Features & Benefits StingRay Pure Rinse Reverse Osmosis System
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Improved Cleaning Results
  • Lower Chemical Usage
  • Increased Heating System Life
  • Reduced Residue on Parts Washer Walls
  • High Salt Rejection Rate:  99%
  • Factory Tested
  • Pre-piped, Wired & Assembled

 Production rates vary depending upon feed water pressure, temperature, and TDS (total dissolved solids) levels. Optional pre-filters and treatment solution are available for various feed water quality situations.  Provide your feed water analysis to StingRay for a complete Pure Rinse System.


 Hard Water Spots Left After Rinse StingRay parts Washer  Hard Water Ratings StingRay Parts Washer

Hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium carbonates in the water.  Calcium carbonate scales formed in water-heating systems are called lime scale.  Hard water causes white water spots on clean rinsed parts.  Hard water results in the need to use more detergent when washing parts.  With hard water, detergents form a white precipitate (soap scum) instead of producing an alkalinity increase.  This solid precipitate falls out of solution and immediately creates sludge to haul off.  Hard water reduces the life of your parts washer for several reasons:  Hard water causes Calcium build up in your plumbing, reducing the flow of water through the pipes like a clogged artery.  Hard water deposits on heating system components impair the flow of heat into the water, reducing the heating efficiency and allowing the metal components to overheat.  For high quality cleaning results, wash and rinse water with less than 50 ppm hardness is recommended.

For a free PDF on Hard Water Considerations for Cleaning, Click Here

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