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StingRay Automatic Steam Exhaust Mist Eliminator

The Mist Eliminator removes water droplets from steam exhaust vapor. Under certain Steam Exhaust installation conditions, the vapor gas stream entrains water particles. Placing the Mist Eliminator pad inside the steam exhaust discharge just before the venturi removes the liquid particles.

Mist Eliminator Pad

In operation, the steam vapor carries entrained liquid particles through the Mist Eliminator.  The vapor passes freely through, but the inertial mass of the particles causes them to contact and collection the knitted mesh wire surfaces.  The liquid particles coalesce, growing in size until they are sufficiently large enough to drop back into the parts washer.  Virtually 100% of all liquid particles larger than 3 to 5 microns are collected.

Mist Eliminator Diagram The Mist Eliminator is an assembly of knitted mesh stainless steel wire supported on a stainless steel framework. Even though the mesh pad appears as though it blocks the flow it has a large percentage open area (in the 95% to 99% range) and thus offers very low flow restriction. The high open area coupled with a large surface area the mist eliminator is an effective method to remove liquid particles from your steam exhaust. Mist Eliminator pad sizes are available for all StingRay Parts Washers.
  • Superb corrosion resistance and high heat tolerance for corrosive environment.
  • Long life, and Cost effective.
  • Easy to install in steam exhaust piping.
  • High efficiency liquid particle removal.
  • Does NOT affect flow rate of steam exhaust.
  • NO moving parts, gravity and coalescing do the work.








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