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Ink Pail & Ink Tote Parts Washers

Ink Pail & Ink Tote Parts Washers

  • Easy and cost effective way of cleaning ink, dye and paint containers
  • Eliminates hazardous waste issues and costly container repurchases.
  • Simultaneously cleans inside and outside of containers
  • Enclosed cabinet, Closed-Loop Zero-Discharge washer
  • Efficient recirculation of detergents saves money
  • Patented power wash process
  • Non-clogging nozzles and reusable filter system
  • Automatic safety features protect pumps and heating systems
  • Automatic steam exhaust


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Before-and-After/Ink-Buckets-and-Pails/Ink-Buckets-in-a-StingRay-Cabinet-Spray-Washer Ink-Bucket-Cleaning-Results-in-a-StingRay-Aqueous-Parts-Washer

Ink-Bucket-Cleaning Results

Ink Bucket Cleaning Results in a StingRay Industrial Parts Washer


Aqueous washing of ink buckets and ink pails is easily accomplished in the fully enclosed StingRay Ink and Tote Parts Washer. Eliminate manual time-consuming cleaning of ink and dye containers. The StingRay washer uses cleaning detergent, hot water and the power washing system to quickly remove ink from the interior and exterior surfaces of buckets and pails. The superior oscillating spray manifold blasts containers at multiple angles of impact with each rotation of the turntable removing the most difficult residues. The power wash process and the StingRay high-parts washer power density even removes cured resins and paints from buckets, pails, drums and totes. The lower bias arm removes paint and ink from the inside of the containers.

Configurations are available for multiple buckets and various sizes per wash cycle.

Ink Bucket Parts Washer Fixture

Various fixtures are available for washing different size buckets, barrels and totes coated with ink, dye or paint.

 Industrial-Parts-Washer-Ink-StingRay-SR3040                 SR3040 Ink Pail Washer
Heavy Duty Parts Washer Ink before and after StingRay The before and after photographs below show examples of ink and paint removal cleaning results in a StingRay Ink & Tote Washer. Typical ink pail wash cycle 8- 10 minutes. Inside is as clean as outside of the pail. Click image for larger view.
Industrial Ink Tub Parts Washer Before and After cleaning StingRay Before washing and after washing ink buckets in a StingRay Ink and Tote Parts Washer Even dried inks and paints are removed from the bucket. Click image for larger view.