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Worried that the maximum wash pressure may be too much for your parts?

StingRay Pump Pressure Regulator
StingRay Pump Pressure Regulator

Reduce wash pressure for delicate parts and use full pressure for heavy cleaning with the Pump Pressure Regulator.  The Pump Pressure Regulator allows the operator to adjust the pressure discharge from the wash nozzles. Lowering the wash pressure also decreases the wash flow. The adjustment range for the pump pressure regulator is 20% to 100% of full flow and pressure.

Large easy to read gauge makes adjustment of wash pressure simple.  Turn regulator wheel until the desired pressure reading is shown on the gauge .  Non-slip regulator remains exactly as adjusted.  Glycerin-filled pressure gauge is isolated from wash solution flow via a diaphragm seal so contaminates from wash solution do not damage gauge.  Internal solution bypass eliminates concern of pump damage from setting pressure too low.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure GaugePressure gauge with glycerin-filled isolator - Isolator protects gauge and prevents damage by stopping wash solution from entering gauge. Large easy to read gauge makes adjustment easy.

  • Adjustable pump pressure
  • Easy read gauge
  • Simple adjustment


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