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Why StingRay: Quality


"Never satisfied, we make every effort to improve our product by doing the best in selecting materials and components, designing and manufacturing.  If it is not the best it is nothing.  And there is always room for improvement.  We listen carefully to the voices of our customers and make changes accordingly.  Launching the product is only the beginning.  It will make its way to perfection with the help of our critical customers who recognize and prioritize quality and are always questioners.  We strive to make amazing products that are perfect in their eyes." - David Archy

Quality is a way of life at StingRay - Our signature attention to detail, dedicated and experienced team and  rigorous quality system assure your parts washer is fully functional before it leaves the factory.   Each StingRay parts washer is engineered to run flawlessly, with proven reliability backed by a comprehensive warranty program.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our commitment to excellence starts with our design and manufacturing teams, who are among the most experienced and creative professionals in the parts washer world. They are responsible for introducing a number of industry innovations, from the first sprocket drive turntable to the revolutionary oscillating power blast manifold.  

Over the years, StingRay has refined and reinvented systems that power the wash action; heating and pumping systems, fluid level control and other functions for robust and efficient operation.  You can be assured that when you select your StingRay parts washer, it can be expected to perform exceptionally for years.

StingRay Quality Assurance
StingRay stainless steel model SR4063 industrial parts washer for an aircraft manufacturing company in Mexico.

Quality Assurance Process

Every StingRay parts washer is required to pass through over 1,000 quality assurance check points, including filling each parts washer with water not once, but twice.  Each parts washer must complete a 90 minute endurance leak tightness test on all joints before it is painted.  We then drain the parts washer, complete the construction, re-fill the solution reservoir and put the parts washer through three 30-minute wash cycles and a thorough 4 hour inspection process before it leaves our factory. Our goal is to make high-performance parts washers that exceed our users expectations for quality and reliability.

"The bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the initial sweetness of a cheap price" - Benjamin Franklin