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Parts Washer Solution Management

Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer removes surface waste oils floating on the parts washer cleaning solution surface.

Sludge Scraper

The Sludge Scraper removes sludge, rocks, sand, soil and other solid wastes from the bottom of the parts washer reservoir.

In-Line Filtration

Filters all parts washer fluid before discharging through the wash nozzles.

Oil Coalescing System

Separates waste oil from Parts Washer cleaning solution.

Solution Transfer Pump

The StingRay solution transfer pump is especially designed for transferring water-based liquids, fluids and solutions from the parts washer.

Sludge Pump

Ideal pump for handling all parts washer solutions and for clean out of your industrial parts washer.

Magnetic Particle Filter Trap

Removes iron and steel particles from wash solution. Reusable, no media to buy. Removes extremely fine particles that are smaller than bag filters.Filter-metals-from -parts-washer-solution-with-magnets

Wastewater Evaporator

Automated, efficient evaporation that greatly reduces waste water disposal costs.


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