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Why StingRay: Parts Washer Build Record


Watch as your StingRay is born in our factory. Every step of construction of your StingRay parts washer is documented in the “Build Record”.  This build record becomes part of the permanent details in your service file and is available for future reference. The visual record is extremely valuable for assisting with equipment service or retrofit projects and communicating operational methods with your service tech.

The Build Record is assembled at the same pace that your machine is built so you can watch your parts washer take shape on our factory floor. Your build record includes:

  • Weekly production status updates with photographs of the fabrication of your new StingRay parts washer in our factory.
  • A firm ship date confirmed immediately after you place your order.
  • Shipment carrier contacts and ETA for your washing system.
  • An invitation to come and see your new washer during final inspection in our factory as well as the inspection detail. Visiting is a great opportunity to jump start your knowledge of your new StingRay. Learn all about your washer, cleaning techniques, training opportunities, start-up assistance and installation by talking to the people who built it.
  • Communication lines set-up for parts washer installation guidance and support.
  • Packing, loading and unloading visual detail of your StingRay Parts Washer.

StingRay Build Record Examples

 Sample Photos from a Build Record