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Need help with a parts washer to clean your dirty parts? Contact StingRay to get a quote for an engineered parts washer. StingRay Parts Washer offers a complete solution to your cleaning needs which includes fixturing of your parts, industry approved detergent, engineered parts washer, and the most complete customer service in the industry.

StingRay Parts Washer Team
 StingRay Parts Washers Team

StingRay Parts Washers

2450 Adie Road

St. Louis, MO  63043

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Main Phone: 314-447-9000 

Sales Direct Line: 314-447-0920

Fax: 314-447-0909

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StingRay Parts Washers Team Contacts:

Marc Treppler President

Marc Treppler
Direct Line: 314-447-9000

 Dr. Angela Grupas - Vice President Sales

Vice President Sales
Dr. Angela Grupas
Skype: StingRay.Grupas
Direct Line: 314-447-0920

Patrick Lahey - Customer Care Manager
General Manager

Patrick Lahey 
Direct Line: 314-447-0928

Matt Koepke - Engineer

Engineering Manager
Matt Koepke
Direct Line: 314-447-0915

 Alexis Muckerman - StingRay Specialist

Customer Care
Alexis Muckerman
Direct Line: 314-567-3705

 Susan Mueller - Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager
Susan Mueller
Direct Line: 314-447-0905

Bob Smith - Purchasing

Bob Smith
Direct Line: 314-447-0914

 Steve Schiller - Engineering Manager

Senior Project Engineer
Steve Schiller
Direct Line: 314-447-0925

 Dave Kesterson - Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving
Dave Kesterson

Jon Wiemann - Service Technician

StingRay Tech Services
Inside Technician
Jon Wiemann 
Direct Line: 314-567-3705

Tim Guerrant - Service Technician

StingRay Tech Services
Inside Technician

Tim Guerrant
Direct Line: 314-567-3705

 Paul McCorkell - CC Field Technician

StingRay Tech Services
Field Technician

Paul McCorkell
Direct Line: 314-567-3705