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Pit Installations

Pit Installations Industrial Parts washer StingRay     

      Pit Installed StingRay SR13648 Clamshell and SR6075 Parts Washers

Installing your StingRay Parts Washer in a floor pit lowers the height of the turntable to near the shop floor level.  Shop owners choose pit installation for many reasons.  The option provides more lifting height for your fixed height overhead crane and more clearance above the top of the machine.  Attaching and detaching overhead crane connections no longer require climbing up onto the machine, thus increasing the ease of access for and safety of the operators.  Loading and unloading times decrease significantly.  Some CAT dealers report 50% time savings when loading large parts with their machines installed in a pit.

Pit installation provides additional environmental protection and occupational safety by protecting the reservoir from damage, i.e. by a forklift puncture, thereby reducing need for an EPA containment pan system.  Pit mounting may insulate the reservoir from cold air circulating through open shop doors.  Reducing heat loss of the cleaning solution increases efficiency (less time to re-heat and less energy consumption).

A few of the changes to the machine design for The Pit Mount Option include:

  • Raising the controls to appropriate operator height requires repositioning the electrical panel higher on the machine.
  • Relocating the door position lock to the new floor height provides for either hand or foot operation.
  • Lengthening the drag chute of the sludge scraper option dumps the sludge into barrels on the shop floor instead of in the pit.


 Example of a Pit Mounted StingRay Parts Washer in Action:


Clamshell Heavy Duty Parts washer in pit installation StingRay  CAT Industrial Parts Washer in Pit Mount

StingRay SR84112 Clamshell in Pit       Caterpillar SR60112 Pit Mount and Loading Parts

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