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5275 StingRay Parts Washer

Retractable Turntable Aqueous Parts Washers

Industrial Cabinet Parts Washer StingRay SR5275

The StingRay 5275 industrial parts washer is engineered for tough aqueous cleaning applications. The large 52 inch diameter turntable and tall 75 inch working height allows easy & reliable cleaning for large parts. The 5275 parts washer uses high power density for fast wash cycles and high temperature operation for removing tough soils in short wash cycles. Used in rail, over the road and off road rebuilding of engines, transmissions and associated parts. Automated cycle of the aqueous parts washer uses hydraulic force and the patented oscillating spray manifold to overpower tough soils. Other parts washing applications include electric motor cleaning and removing ink from totes.

USA Specifications:

SR 5275 Parts Washer

Metric Specifications:

SR 5275 Parts Washer
  • Green Technology: Closed Loop Zero Discharge
  • Heavy 7 gauge (3/16 inch) thick cabinet walls and reservoir
  • Swing Door Retracting Turntable for Maximum Access
  • Electronic Water Level Control & Refill
  • Oscillating Wash Manifold to Maximize Cleaning
  • Easy to Service Front Wash Pump Suction Strainer
  • Adjustable Electronic Temp Control, Temp Gauge
  • Control Transformer External of Panel minimizes Heat
  • Programmable 24 Hour 7 Day Clock
  • Low Water Shut-off Protects Pumps & Heating System
  • Electronic Door Safety Interlock
  • Wash Cycle Timer with Auto Reset
  • Heavy gauge 3/16" Sheet Steel Cabinet Thickness
  • 208V, 230 V or 460 V - 60 Hz 3-Phase with 120 V Controls
  • 50 Hertz 380V and other worldwide voltages available
  • Chemical Resistant Two Part 3 mil Epoxy Coating


Work Area Dimensions: US Metric
Turntable Diameter: 52 inches 1320 mm
Work Height: 75 inches 1900 mm

Table Load Capacity:

4000 lbs 1810 kg
Heavy Duty Capacity: 7000 lbs 3170 kg
Overall Dimensions: US Metric
Width: (Std Unit) 98 inches 2480 mm
Depth: (Std Unit) 87 inches 2200 mm
Height: 120 inches 3040 mm
Empty Weight: 6100 lbs 2770 kg
Reservoir Capacity: 265 gallons 1000 liters
Duplex Reservoir: Add 47 gallons Add 178 liters
Sludge Capacity: 75 gallons 284 liters
Spray Blast Manifold:
Angle of Oscillation: (Picture) 39 Degrees
Frequency of Oscillation: 4 per minute
Number of Wash Nozzles: (Picture) 24
Type of Nozzle: V-Jet
Nozzle Material: 316 Stainless
Heating System: US Metric
Operating Temperature: 140-190 degrees F 60-88 degrees C
Initial Heat up Time:

60-90 minutes

60-90 minutes
Electric Heat Element Size: (Picture)** 60 kW 60 kw
 Gas / Propane (Picture)  400,000 BTU/hr  117 kW
Electrical Panel (Picture) US Metric
Motor Starters: Across the Line IEC Type 2
Short Circuit Protection: Std Coordinated
Overload Protection: Std Thermal Class 10
Electrical Enclosures: NEMA 12 IP65
Wiring Standard: NFPA 79  NFPA 79
Wiring Conduit: Flex-Non-Metallic Flex-Non-Metallic
Conduit Type: Liquidtight NEMA 12 Liquidtight IP65
Pump System & Performance:  
Motor Type: (Picture) Industrial
Motor Rating: Continuous Duty
Motor Enclosures: TEFC

High Efficiency, Rated for continuous duty (20 Start/hour without overheating), vertical, centrifugal, seal-less, balanced, enclosed impeller. Note: All performance data taken at nozzle discharge.

Standard: 30 hp (US) 22 kW (Metric)
Total System Flow: 343 gpm 1300 l/min
Flow per Nozzle: 14.3 gpm 54 l/min
System Pressure: 121 psi 9.3 bar
Blast Velocity: 133 ft/sec 41 m/sec
Power Density: 0.33 hp/ft³ 8 kW/m³


UPGRADES: (DUPLEX) 55 hp (US) 41 kW (Metric) 70 hp (US) 52 kW (Metric)
Total System Flow: 399 gpm 1510 l/min 431 gpm 1630 l/min
Flow per Nozzle: 16.6 gpm 63 l/min 18.0 gpm 68 l/min
System Pressure: 163 psi 11.2 bar 190 psi 13.1 bar
Blast Velocity: 155 ft/sec 47 m/sec 168 ft/sec 51 m/sec
Power Density: .6 hp/ft³ 14 kW/m³ .76 hp/ft³ 18 kW/m³


Results may vary based on machine configuration.
** Heating element sizes listed for 208, 240 & 480 volt systems. Sizes vary slightly for other voltages.


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