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Parts Washer Turntable Options

Turntable DriveTurntable Drive Diagram

StingRay turntables rotate during wash and rinse cycles and are driven by a positive drive means.  This eliminates the potential for slippage or uncontrolled free wheel spinning during wash or rinse cycles. Larger machines have multiple turntable drives. Turntable drive consists of externally mounted TEFC Gear Drive Motor driven by thermoplastic sprocket that positively engages Turntable teeth to prevent slippage. Drives have slip clutch to protect gear reduction unit from overload condition. Shear pin in lieu of slip clutch is not allowed, nor is chain drive turntable that can slip and will require periodic adjustment and replacement.

To ensure minimal maintenance of turntable drive assembly, its shaft, bearings, slip clutch and gear reduction unit do not come in contact with solution spray while in wash or rinse cycle. Design of turntable drive is maintenance free and does not require periodic adjustment. Heavy steel turntable rotates on sealed ring bearings.

Turntable Load Capacity UpgradeTurntable Load Capacity Upgrade

StingRay parts washers offer one of the highest wash load weight capacities in the industry. Higher rated capacities increase the work that can be performed in the parts washer. Upgraded Turntable capacity insures trouble free service and prevents downtime due to operators overloading the machine.

Turntable capacity is rated as downward thrust (weight) at the center of the turntable.  Off center or tall loads can greatly reduce the capacity due to torque loading on the turntable requiring the rated capacity to be larger than the weight of the wash load.

Turntable Jog

The turntable jog provides a convenient panel mounted industrial control for easy rotation of the turntable during parts loading or unloading. Mounted on the control panel the heavy-duty industrial NEMA 12 push-button switch is designed for reliability. The push button rotates the turntable while the door is open. The turntable Jog feature allows easy positioning and inspection of load after the wash cycle.

Turntable Anchoring Attachments, Fixture Kit & Securing System

The StingRay turntable anchor kit and securing system provides an uncomplicated way to attach and properly position wash loads on the parts washer turntable. Steel fixture posts slip vertically into square steel sockets welded to the turntable accommodating mounting of a wide variety of components for washing. Strategically located expanded metal screen forms pocket in turntable so that one end of a shaft or similar long part can be placed in pocket and the other end on a steel post. Long parts are held in diagonal position allowing washing of parts longer than working height of parts washer. Used to stand-up heads or other parts on turntable for washing. Hooks and loops at the turntable perimeter provide numerous locations for tie-down of parts or baskets. All steel construction.

Turntable Anchoring Kit Turntable Attachment Kit

The StingRay Securing System includes chains, shackles, hooks and come-a-long to assure security for your parts during the wash cycle.

When a StingRay Parts Washer is fitted with a high performance pump to remove extremely difficult soils, such as hard carbon, paint and rust scale, the pump system produces enough energy to force parts like heads and even engine blocks off the turntable. To enable operators to quickly secure blocks, heads, shafts, covers and pans, and other parts, the Turntable Anchoring Attachments, Fixture Kit and Securing System is available with a StingRay Parts Washer. Built into the turntable is an expanded metal section with sockets and hooks to provide many combinations and schemes for quickly securing parts of all shapes for washing.

Turntable Liners

StingRay Parts Washers also have a variety of turntable liners for specific application and cleaning.  Turntable Liners

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