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Aircraft Bearing Parts Washers


The StingRay Aqueous Aircraft Bearing Washer is used to clean bearings for inspection, maintenance and reconditioning in the Aircraft industry. The heavy duty StingRay parts washer is well equipped to handle the stresses of day in and day out washing of bearings of all types. Bearings are thoroughly cleaned and dried in short 10-15 minute cycles utilizing the industrial power wash process. Bearing greases are easily removed even between the rollers and the cage. The parts washer cleaning cycle completes with a rinse of the bearings and application of rust inhibitor, preventing flash rust, common in completely clean and degreased metal components.

StingRay offers customized fixtures, including fixtures for cleaning wheels and bearings simultaneously.  The uniquely engineered fixtures allows for cleaning of bolts and other small components securely.

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 Aircraft-Bearing-Washing-Fixture-Industrial-Parts-Washer-StingRay Aircraft Wheel Washer Wheel Bearing Fixture Combo Industrial Parts Washer                                Aircraft Bearing Fixture          Aircraft Wheel and Bearing Fixture Combo


Aircraft Bearing Cleaning Before and AfterAircraft Bearing Cleaning Before and After. "Click image for larger view"

Aircraft Bearing Cleaning on Fixture StingRay Parts WasherAircraft Bearing on Fixture Before and After. "Click image for larger view"

 Aircraft Bearing WashingAircraft Bearing Cleaning Before and After. "Click image for larger view"

The one step cleaning process involves loading the grease filled bearings on a fixture and then placing the bearings inside the washer cabinet. The short cleaning cycle (10 to 15 minutes) thoroughly removes all grease, grit and grime with heat, water, and detergent utilizing the power wash process. The aircraft bearings flash dry in less than 2 minutes and are ready for inspection.