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 StingRay perfected the design and construction of parts washers for worldwide use from extensive experience supporting parts washers in 26 countries. The world model design conforms to most standards throughout the world. In instances where a location has more stringent requirements please request specific code compliance when placing your order. CE Compliance is available. Utilizing components rated for the supply voltage and frequency of power in the country of destination, the StingRay Parts Washer performs to the same exacting design standards and performance as the USA models. There is no difference in performance for 50 Hertz parts washers versus 60 Hertz machines. The World Model design includes additional safety circuitry with a master control relay and E-stop system to provide maximum conformance to International Standards and safety.

World Model Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breakers Replace All Fuses

Circuit breakers are used instead of fuses to eliminate the nuisance of tracking down US fuse styles in your country. The circuit breakers provide the additional advantage of easily troubleshooting the system by turning off various power components for testing and start-up.

The StingRay World Model parts washer packages include critical back-up replacement motors for maximum uptime.

These motors include:

  • Spare Automatic Steam Exhaust
  • Spare Turntable drive gear motor
  • Spare Power Blast Manifold gear motor

Additional spare parts packages are available. Complete written instructions and 24/7 website support assist with the installation and start-up of washers in other countries. Digital photographs and telephone support further enable operators and installers in countries outside the US to obtain support and guidance. Our Factory Trained Technicians travel worldwide to installation sites for commissioning and start-up. Export freight, crating and packaging services are available from StingRay to assure your new parts washer arrives safely, damage free and without corrosion.

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