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The Center Manifold Probe washes and rinses hollow diameter parts where the interior is not readily accessible to standard spray manifold arms.  Use the Center Manifold Probe for enhanced cleaning of parts such as traction motors, hot sections from jet engines, turbine pump housings and electric motor windings.

Locomotive Traction Motor Washer

The center manifold probe helps to:

  • Cleans Inside Cylindrical Parts
  • Perfect for Traction Motors
  • Fully Integrated
  • Automatic Cycle
  • Retracts when not in use

Locomotive Generator Parts Washer

The gear-motor driven center manifold probe is automatically deployed when selected from the control panel. The Probe moves vertical up and down the length of the part as the part rotates on the center of the turntable.  The Center Manifold Probe washes the interior surfaces while the Power Blast Manifold (PBM) cleans the exterior. After the wash cycle the center probe performs a rinse of the interior of the part.

Center Manifold Probe

 Precision engineering from the stainless steel probe to the unique Teflon double seals ensure long reliable life.  Crash protection automatically retracts the probe if it should contact a part. The automatic door lock prevents accidental damage by ensuring the door remains closed while the probe is in a down position.

System is fully integrated with the parts washer control system and includes 2 wash nozzles and 1 rinse nozzle. The center probe is an indispensable asset for many cleaning applications.


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