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Parts Washer Adjustable Pressure Control


Easily set the parts washer pressure to any pressure from low to maximum directly from the digital control panel.  The StingRay AC variable speed drive provides optimum control of motor speed and torque for energy efficient wash pressure and flow control.  Wash parts at low pressure to prevent damage or eliminate the need for tie-down and then quickly switch to higher pressure for difficult soils on the next parts load. Use one parts washer for different washing needs: Motor Rewinding & Repair Services Suppliers use the system to clean windings at reduced pressure.  Then for the motor housings and cases they clean at high pressure for removing heavy grease, grime, hard-pack dirt and even paint.

Stingray parts washer adjustable pressure control

The IP55 rated drive is protected against water, dust and dirt.  The AC drive ramps up the motor speed gradually on start-up eliminating the inherent high amp spike with across the line motor starters. The pressure control saves energy and reduces wear.  Save 50% of your energy consumption by reducing speed to just 79% of maximum.

The biggest cost savings can come from eliminating the power company peak demand charge. Demand charges can add 10 times to the cost of your electrical usage for the period. Ours went from 10 cents a kilowatt hours to over a dollar a kilowatt hour.  The demand charges were 25% of our electrical bill for the month.  Manufacturing and heavy industrials typically experience much higher peaks in demand due largely to the start-up of energy-intensive equipment, making it imperative to find ways to reduce this charge. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on your large motors is one way to achieve significant savings in electrical cost.

Advantages include:

  • Multi-part washing ability
  • Fully variable pump pressure
  • Simple control panel adjustment
  • Save energy, cut demand charges
  • Reduce parts tie-down requirements


StingRay 40 hp pump Adjustable Pressure Control examples:

Stingray adjustable pressure parts washer specification


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