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Tree Sap Removal

Tree Sap, Pitch and Resin Removal in a StingRay Parts Washer

Tree sap is difficult to remove from parts, but with a StingRay parts washer and the StingRay Power Wash Process, this can be accomplished in short cleaning cycles with the proper detergent and heat.  

Sap: More of a liquid, like honey or less viscous than honey. Sap is the sugary secretion from plants and trees.

Pitch: Intermediate between a liquid and a complete solid. Pitch is like that crystallized honey you find in your pantry after it’s been there for quite a while.

Resin: Most solid of these forms. If you’ve played an instrument with a bow (like the violin), you’ve probably used a solid block of resin on your bow. People seem to use “pitch” and “resin” more interchangeably, while sap usage is reserved more often for the seeping, liquid form.

Industrial Parts Washer StingRay Sap Removal Sap Removal Heavy Duty Parts Washer StingRay
Before and After of Sap Removal from a Lumber Mill Spike Roll   Close-up of Sap Removal Cleaning Results in a StingRay Parts Washer
 Industrial Parts Washer Sap Removal StingRay  Heavy Duty Parts Washer Sap Removal StingRay
Before & After StingRay Parts Washer Cleaning -  Lumber Mill Spike Roll Bottom  Lumber Mill Spike Roll Top

Sap Removal Case Study

End User is a Lumber Company in Canada, the eleventh-largest sawmill in the world.  This company processes predominantly white spruce, lodge pole pine, and alpine fir, with douglas fir also a component of the log mix.

In 2013, StingRay tested the cleaning of caked-on sap from bark removal and feeder rolls utilizing:

♦ StingRay parts washer with 30hp pump system

♦ No pre-cleaning or pre-spraying

Power-Kleen V detergent

♦ High wash temperature

♦ Engineered fixture to hold rolls in place on turntable.

End User acquired a StingRay SR5248, with en extended work height of 60 Inches, to accommodate multi-sized rollers and components.  Upon Start-up, the StingRay technician documented their cleaning success with a bark removal roller:

Sap Cleaning in a StingRay Industrial Parts Washer

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