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Wastewater Evaporation

StingRay Wastewater Evaporator


Wastewater Evaporator StingRay Parts Washer
StingRay Wastewater Evaporator
  • Greatly reduces waste water disposal costs: Evaporation costs 25¢ per gallon (on average), while disposal costs $3 to $6 per gallon.
  • Reduces waste management labor costs;
  • Automated, efficient evaporation;
  • Minimize environmental impact;
  • Green Technology in waste water management.


  • Evaporate 15 gallons per hour (58 liters per hour);
  • 7-day programmable timer for automatic heat-up and shut-down;
  • Reservoir access lids;
  • Reservoir drain with ball valve;
  • Automatic electronic temperature controller & thermometer;
  • Thermal insulation maximizes cost savings;
  • Spill-proof inlet prevents splashing when filling;
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    Enhances Efficiency of StingRay Parts Washers
  • Automatic Steam Exhaust removes steam during evaporation (includes easy installation kit).
  • Industrial controls meet NFPA 79 for safety;
  • Minimal operator attention:  Indicator signals time to add another 55 gallons or 208 liters, Low solution safety shut-off and fluid level indication;
  • Indicator lights provide monitoring and filling of the evaporator.


  • Reservoir capacity:  165 gallons/624 liters;
  • 240/480VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase; other voltages/50 Hz available;
  • Electrical disconnect for safe operation;
  • Fast-heating with 45 kW electric heat; Incolloy sheath elements with low-watt density for extended life;
  • Enhanced water evaporation accelerator maximizes water evaporation and prevents premature settling of sludge produced by the evaporation process.