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Internal Reservoir Cover (IRC)

Increases Safety, Conserves Energy and Improves Productivity - All three in one low cost device – 98% of StingRay Parts Washer owners have the Internal Reservoir Cover (IRC).

Internal Reservoir Cover benefits:

  • Provides cover for solution in reservoir.  Safely isolates operator from accidental contact with hot wash solution.
  • Prevents small parts that may loosen during the cleaning cycle from falling into solution reservoir. Gaskets, seals, o-rings, nuts, bolts, labels, etc.. collect on the screen and are easily removed from the parts washer before they mix with the wash solution. Optional chip basket is useful for high volumes of small materials.
  • Provides thermal barrier cover over reservoir tank.  Slows heat loss in reservoir to save heat energy, especially when cabinet door is open.

StingRay Internal Reservoir Cover

StingRay Internal Reservoir Cover

Internal Reservoir Cover Access Cover

Access Panel Removed on Internal Reservoir Cover

Internal Reservoir Cover

Details of Internal Reservoir Cover, Expanded Metal Mesh & Handles

The Internal Reservoir Cover (IRC) is manufactured of all steel construction with removable access covers to allow easy access to lower parts washer reservoir. Positioned below the turntable, the IRC completely covers the solution reservoir.  All wash and rinse fluid returns to the reservoir through the expanded metal mesh screen. Removal is simplified with handles welded to each access cover.

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