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StingRay manufactures highly reliable oil skimmers with advanced features and easy operation features:

  • Most inexpensive method to remove waste oil from parts washer cleaning solution
  • Saves detergent by eliminating gross amounts of waste oil before it consumes detergent
  • Removing waste oil prevents recontamination of cleaned parts
  • Prevents plugging of spray nozzles and pump suction filter
  • Removing oil reduces spent cleaning solution disposal costs
  • Skimmed oil can be recycled for use as a fuel
  • Easy to clean with minimal maintenance
  • Operates without supervision and minimal maintenance

Disc Oil Skimmer

StingRay Parts Washer Disc Oil SkimmerThe StingRay disc oil skimmer removes surface waste oils and other hydrocarbons floating on the parts washer cleaning solution surface.  Removing waste oil lengthens the solution bath life and prevents re-deposition on clean parts. Collected oil is disposed of easily at lower cost and potentially is a revenue source.

The skimmer works on the physics principle of the difference in surface tension of oil and water allowing the rotating disk to attract waste oil and reject water. Imagine dipping your finger in a glass of water with oil floating on the surface and then removing it.  You finger is coated with oil.  The same principles apply with the rotating disk. Wiper blades scrape the disk surface in a continuous operation.  Highly efficient, the 14 inch (356 mm) skimmer will remove up to 6 gallons per hour (GPH)(22 l/hr) and the 18 inch (450mm) skimmer up to 12 GPH (44 l/hr).


StingRay Parts Washer Disc Oil Skimmer

StingRay Disc Oil Skimmer Mounted on Parts Washer The precision engineered StingRay Oil Skimmer is perfect for parts washing. Specifically developed to overcome the shortcomings found in oil skimmers designed for the machine tool coolant industry, the StingRay Oil Skimmer handles solution temperatures up to 240 degrees F (115 C) with pH levels for all detergents (4 to 13 pH). Machine tool type oil skimmers do not provide the performance and reliability StingRay demands. The StingRay oil skimmer features a polished stainless steel disc to eliminate warping of plastic skimming disks due to hot wash solution.  The shaft is supported by mounted ball bearings driven by a totally enclosed gear motor eliminating two other issues found through field experience - failed motors due to moisture attacking the unprotected drive motor and failed motor bearings from supporting the skimmer disc only by the motor shaft. Finally the smooth movement of the skimmer disk eliminates flicked and splashed oil from narrow width belt drive type skimmers. Replaceable stainless steel wiper blades and rigid heavy gauge all steel frame complete the oil skimmer.

Oil Skimmer SwitchFully integrated with the parts washer, the panel mounted industrial switch allows the operator to choose “ON”, “OFF” or ”AUTO” operating mode.  In Auto mode skimmer is controlled by the 7-day programmable clock allowing skimming when the washer has been off for several hours and oil has collected on the surface and defoamants have gone back into solution. Skimming is most efficient during these times.

Heated Oil Skimmer

The StingRay heated oil skimmer provides additional benefits for parts washers with heavy oils and light grease accumulation. The basic design builds on the standard rugged disc oil skimmer design by adding heated components. The trough of the skimmer and skimmer blades are electrically heated when the skimmer is operating to eliminate oil and grease build-up that can lead to spillage on the shop floor.  The thermally Insulated trough directs heat inward and the covered trough minimizes heat loss upward to assure that all collected lubricants flow down the trough into the collection bucket without cooling and clogging the discharge chute. The heated skimmer is particularly useful in heavy engine and transmission rebuilding with heavy grease & high weight oil content.  The 12 inch disc oil skimmer will remove oil at a rate up to 3 GPH (11 l/hr) and the 18 inch (450mm) skimmer up to 6 GPH (22 l/hr).

Belt Oil Skimmer

StingRay Parts Washer Belt Oil SkimmerRugged construction for harsh operating conditions, the StingRay Belt Oil Skimmer is designed to last for many years removing waste oil from the parts washer. The skimmer removes a high volume of oil, up to 12 GPH (45 l/hr), with a stainless steel belt. The stainless steel belt is well suited for the aqueous parts washer application as it is impervious to the heat and chemical. The professional –caliber patented design is a reliable and effective method of separating oil from water. The skimmer works on the difference in surface tension of oil and water allowing the rotating continuous belt to attract waste oil and reject water.

A tough uncomplicated power train keeps the StingRay belt skimmer operating under the most severe conditions. Dual replaceable elastomeric wipers remove oil from both sides of the 4 inch wide belt and deposit waste oil into a container. The belt oil skimmer handles liquid temperatures up to 212 F (100 C) and a pH range of 4 to 13 


Belt Oil Skimmer The belt oil skimmer is fully integrated into the StingRay parts washer with a control panel-mounted switch featuring “ON”, “OFF” and ”AUTO” mode selection.  The automatic mode is controlled by the 7-day programmable clock to operate the skimmer during non-washing periods when solution has cooled and skimming is most efficient.  Oil skimming is most effective after several hours of non-washing because oils coalesce to the surface and the detergent defoamer returns to the wash solution thus skimming less defoamer and maximizing oil removal.

Totally enclosed heating elements on the discharge chute prevents oil and grease from spilling over the side of the discharge chute onto the shop floor and assure waste oil flows out of discharge. The belt oil skimmer is particularly effective in all applications where large quantities of oil and grease are generated by the parts washing process.

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