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Why StingRay: Testimonials

Dated: 21 Jun 2021 

Patrick and Matt came out to Tulsa last week to finalize our setup of our new 4040 SN 8833 and they were an amazing team. I have worked with Patrick before, and talked to Matt on the phone a few times as we were sorting out how our new machine works and what we needed. I asked Patrick who I could talk to about the work they did for us, and he gave me your contact info.

Stingray has always been great to us at Wxxxxx. This machine is our second one, and we are thrilled with how it has turned out. Anytime I need anything, I always get a fast and accurate answer. I have worked with quite a few companies over the years, and I wish they all were as customer satisfaction driven as your team is. I know a lot of times customers only reach out when they are disgruntled, but I feel that acknowledging excellent work is just as important as filing complaints.

As always, Stingray has met and exceeded our expectations for service, product, and support. You should be proud of the company you work for and I look forward to working with you all in the future. Thanks again for everything.

David Mxxx · Manufacturing Engineer 

Dated: 10 December 2020                                             

Power Kleen II parts washer detergent

We absolutely LOVE our five new StingRay washers, and what a great investment they are for our business.  We also really like the Power-Kleen II detergent!  


XXXXX Equipment Co.   



Dated:  18 June 2020

Please send a thank you to your team.  The Snyder team has communicated that the machine's capability far surpassed their expectations.  Your folks were professional and accommodating.

Thanks again and I look forward to purchasing more machines and equipment from you in the future.


XXXXX Equipment

Dated: 9 June 2020

We got our washer in 1978 when I was 28 years old.  I am now 70, and the washer still works like the first day we got it!

George XXXXX

XXXXX Truck & Auto Parts

Dated: 4 March 2020

My SR3055 is a kick ass machine! The cleaning power it has for lack of a better statement, blows me away. To quote one of my guys , he said " Hey Perry, what is in that thing that is trying to get out?" We made our own basket, and trees for inside and use heart rodent traps to hold small parts, seems to work fine as well, as we used them in the past

I am only using 4 oz/per gallon (Power Kleen II) right now, which is a good balance for everything we do. It only has 18 hours on it and that is mostly 2 minutes wash time at any given time. We only ran a couple things for 5 minutes, now that's POWER.

I like the slip clutch on the turntable in case it gets jammed. Everyone that sees this machine is totally impressed, it a quality piece

Perry XXXX


Dated: 4 March 2020

The washer fired again this morning with no issues which is sweet music to my ears.

I want to thank you guys for coming out and getting us going. The machine is a high quality washer and that's always indicative of the people behind it. It was a pleasure meeting you after all these years and I really look forward to replacing that JRI washer shortly!!! As always, Stingray will be the first and only call I make to replace that thing!

Hey Angela! You've assembled a really professional team that seemed truly concerned about getting us going! They were polite, onsite as promised and their knowledge of the machine made it quick to diagnose our issues.

Thanks again to everyone at Stingray.

Customer for Life,

Larry Hxxxxx

Dated: 20 Feb 2020

Everything has been outstanding with our parts washer ever since our purchase. We run the machine through two shifts Mon-Sat. We keep up with all the recommended maintenances and the machine is still in tip top condition. Please send regards to your management and production teams, this has been one of the best purchases we’ve made as far as machinery, reliability, and promises of integrity. Stingray should be very, very proud of its product.

Bobby Xxxx, Industrial Engineering Technician, Cleaveland/Price Inc.

22 March 2019


I want to reach out and thank you and your team for achieving excellence in every step getting our block washer up and running. You delivered the equipment a month ahead of schedule helping us address the cleanliness of our race engines faster. Bruce Hunt communicated on a daily basis the information we needed to make the install go smooth and seamless. He also let me talk you into changing your policy so Patrick would be here without delay so our downtime was at a minimum. Patrick Lahey got us operational and trained quickly in spite of some of the unique challenges our race block presented. We now have to get some history under our belts and see what if any challenges we have, I have the upmost confidence your team with be with us all the way.

Thank you very much,
John B, MotorSports NASCAR Team

Dated:  7 March 2019
First impressions have been very positive, nice welding, and fabrication. This morning our building facility’s, outside electrical, and gas company are crawling all over it.

John B, MotorSports NASCAR Team

Dated:  14-Feb, 2018

...We just completed our first test run of the washer today - SIMPLY AMAZING.  We were able to completely remove the blue RP with a 2-minute wash cycle...Thank you - we've been 100% pleased with StingRay this entire process.

Aaron Xxxxxx, Production & Supply Manager, TIG Distributing

Dated: 12 Feb 2018

(We) purchased a MART washer in 1995.  The machine has been very reliable and used daily...(providing) a superior level of maintenance, a great reflection on the quality and durability of your company's products.

Ryan W. (StingRay Field Technician) was dispatched to our facility to replace the burner box.  We had tried this ourselves with less than admirable results.  Had I know what a great job your technicians do, we would have never attempted this ourselves.  We stress value with the products & services we sell, and yet I did not consider the value of your servicesIt was worth every penny...He knew the machine inside & out...recommended other maintenance fixes while he was here.  The machine is running great.

We run a business here... Ryan did not waste time in conversation, he was prepared, worked hard and quickly.  If I had needed a service guy/welder, I would have tried to hire him out from under you.

If I ever have customers on the fence regarding the performance and durability of your products, I will be happy to give them a positive endorsement.

Steve Xxxxx, COO, Flint Hydraulics, Inc.

Dated:  28-Dec, 2017

...We will contact you with the minimum doubt about the product for our cleaning projects given your excellent support and help on...past opportunities. Thank you for your help.

David Xxxxxxxx, CRC Service Engineer, Relianz Mining Solutions

Dated:  21-Dec, 2017

The customer service with (our StingRay) was second to none.  I am very pleased with the whole process.

Novan Xxxxxxxx, Sales Representative, Motion Industries Canada

Dated:  13-July, 2017

Thank you for letting us see your facility and the detailed explanation of our parts washer.  We are very impressed on the quality and care you and your team take in the equipment you build.

Sean Xxxxxxx, IRF Wind Tech Leader, NextEra Energy

 Dated: 20-Mar, 2015

I have been tasked yet again to get a quote for another StingRay washer.  I'm looking for a smaller version of ours.  We absolutely love our washer; it has made our work so much faster.

Bryan Xxx, WG-10, Wheel & Tire Shop, McChord Air Field

Dated: 4-Jan, 2011

Mitch said the washer showed up today and looks great. I want to thank you for delivering on everything you said you would. I really appreciate working with people that I can trust. We have some future opportunities in the coming years and I hope we can work together again. Great job!

Bryce Xxxxxx, Regional Operations Manager

Parts Washer 4063

Dated: 22-Dec, 2010

The new StingRay parts washer is here and offloaded and inspected. Looks great! Thanks for getting this manufactured and shipped quickly.

Jeff Xxxxxxx, Product Support Manager
Ohio CAT

Parts Washer 6048

Dated: 18-Feb, 2011

I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the new
parts washer. The (SR6048) is doing a great job. Everyone who has used it is
amazed in it's ability to clean, rinse and dry.  I am also glad that you recommended adding the auto skimmer. It does a remarkable job and in my opinion should not even be an "option", but built into the base unit and priced accordingly. So far, we are all very pleased with the performance of the new washer. Having Paul M. there was also a big plus and he did a great job.

Tom Xxxxx, Truck Engine Supervisor
Ohio CAT

Diesel Engine Cleaning Before and After

Diesel Engine Block Cleaning Before & After Photos

Dated: 30-Aug, 2011

I'm in Fort McMurray now and they LOVE your parts washer!  Spent some time with them today and Jim C. stood in front of your parts washer and told me it was the best equipment purchase of the entire shop. They are very happy with it and
your service.

Robert Campbell, Supplier for Military (Inspecting the StingRay SR12090 before a purchase for P&H MinePro)

StingRay SR12090 Industrial Parts Washer

StingRay SR12090 Industrial Parts Washer

Dated: 18-July, 2012

I just wanted to give you some more good info on how well the parts washer is working for us here at Seymour Johnson in the wheel shop. I just got it cleaned out for the first time since we started it last March. There was only 1/8 of an inch of sludge in the bottom of the water tank. It didn't take long at all to clean it out. Just wanted to thank you and your company again for making such a great product and the shop here at the 916th Seymour Johnson Repair and Reclamation shop appreciate the machine greatly.

Niles Xxxxxxxxx, TSgt, USAF, Seymour Johnson AFB

StingRay 6036 Aircrat Wheel Washer

StingRay 6036 Aircraft Wheel Washer

Dated:  20-July, 2015

...We would like to thank you and the StingRay family for the professionalism in the purchase of our parts washer. Matt gave great insight into what was required in the weeks leading up to commissioning solving the connection headaches for us. Some of the team here were a bit apprehensive whether the machine would make the grade and complete the job needed. However, once Paul arrived last Monday with his great start up and professional training, the first aircraft hub was placed in the machine and 6 minutes later the door was opened, since that moment we have not looked back. The SR4036 Aircraft Wheel Washer has made three other parts washers redundant and has reduced labour times by about 50%, also reducing our waste disposal.

Once again thanks and we look forward to our future relations with StingRay.

Vin Xxxxxx, Wheels and Brakes Manager
TAE Gas Turbines, Australia

Dated:  21-Dec, 2015

Thank you for an excellent product and the after sale service, we at Northstar are quite pleased with our StingRay.

Parvin Xxxxx, Maintenance Supervisor, Northstar Aerospace

Dated:  20-Dec, 2015

...All is well down here, we are very impressed with our newest team member, our StingRay has exceeded all expectations.

Vin Xxxxxx, Wheels and Brakes Manager
TAE Gas Turbines, Australia

StingRay 3036 Aircraft Wheel Washer

StingRay 3036 Aircraft Wheel Washer

Dated:  21-Dec, 2015

We installed and commissioned our new StingRay 4040 Washer No. 8520 at the Port of Xxxxx Authority (PXA) Workshop and being a 40HP Washer, PXA are impressed with the performance to the extent that we have to fit lids on our washing baskets to make sure the parts do not fly out.

I have always been impressed by the quality and detail of MART and now the StingRay washers.  The construction and finish are excellent and your manual is second to none.  You even include grease and a Vee-Belt Tensioning Check Device which are useful.

Peter Xxxxxx, Managing Director, PAL (Far East) PTE LTD

Dated:  18-Dec, 2015

Your man Paul is a fantastic instructor and all around great guy.  Very please with his support and the support from your Tech Services team, specifically Matt.
Its great to work with gentlemen like Paul who is an expert in his trade and with a very positive attitude.

So glad that we chose to work with you and your team at StingRay.

John Xxxxx, Operations Manager
Gulfstream California

Parts Washer 4063Dated:  7-Jan, 2016 

I just wanted to pass on what an Excellent time we had with Patrick.  He thoroughly went over the wheel washer and the EQ-1 machines and then the training was superb. He didn't want to leave until we were completely satisfied with everything. Thank you, Patrick and StingRay Corp for all the help.

Bill Xxxxx, Flight Chief
Altus AFB, Oklahoma

StingRay 6036 Aircrat Wheel Washer Dated:  5-Jan, 2016

The machine has performed wonderfully for us. It is hands down the best process improvement that I have implemented since I started in 2010!  

Kerry Xxxxxxxxx, Plant Manager      Komatsu Mining Corp (previously Joy Global/P&H MinePro)



Dated: 6-Jan, 2016

Angela – thanks for your kind note!  Hope your Christmas season was magical!
We love the washer!  

Dan Xxxxxx, President, Ranger Bearings

Dated:  22-Apr, 2016

Industrial Parts Washer by StingRay ManufacturingPlease express my sincere thanks to your team for the efforts they have made, and hoops they must jump thru, to get us up by the 12th/13th of May.

By the way, a good sales point for you would be the GFP story of having your machine for 15+ years, satisfied so much that we ordered 2 new ones for expansion.  You guys are true professionals.

Ed Xxxxxx, Quality Engineering Manager
General Foam Plastics



Dated:  20-Feb, 2017

We are very pleased with our washer. There was literally not a single issue or point of contention during the entire process of specifying, ordering, receiving, or installation that I can think of that I’d make comments on doing something differently. The process of maximizing our return on investment will of course take some time. Our current business conditions limit the amount of work we have on a day to day basis. But, we’ve received a shipment of chemicals and a few upgrades (low pressure switch and remote grease fittings) and I hope to get those installed this week. Thanks for asking how we’re doing. We appreciate it.

Steve Xxxx, Manager, Safety, Property & Equipment, Karl Senner, LLC

Dated: 20-Feb, 2017

The Sting Ray Washer is operating perfectly and has enabled us to increase our throughput as well as improving our costs/efficiencies in our “prep” process.

Mark Xxxxxxxxxxx, Operations Manager, Walvoil Fluid Power Corp