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Paint Stripping and Paint Removal

Paint Stripping in a StingRay Parts Washer

Paint stripping in a water-based parts washer is achievable with the right combination of cleaning factors.  The factors are impact force, cleaning temperature, chemistry, and time.  StingRay Parts Washers excel in each of the aqueous cleaning factors required for paint stripping and removing paint from parts successfully in a variety of field applications.


Properly configured, a StingRay Parts Washer
removes paint and coatings from Caterpillar housings

Coating Removal vs. Paint Stripping

Paint and coatings differ in their adhesion tenacity to the base metal.  For instance, enamel paint is much easier to strip than an epoxy coating.  The preparation of the base metal prior to painting also plays a large role in adhesion.  Removing coatings from sandblasted surfaces and water-break-free surfaces are more difficult.


StingRay Parts Washer stripped 99% of the paint from these
Caterpillar diesel pump housings

In many applications, partial removal of a coating is desirable.  For example, using a StingRay to remove 50% of the coating and 100% of the oil and grease which fouls sandblasting, is highly desirable.   Sandblasting users have reported a 50%-75% reduction in the time it takes to strip paint with sandblasting after installing a StingRay.

80% paint stripping in a StingRay reduced sandblasting time by 74%

To strip paint with a parts washer is no easy task.  Generally, high-temperature cleaning solution and suitable chemistry soften the paint before the wash nozzles direct high-impact force to blast the paint away.  A critical factor is the impact force the blast nozzles supply to the paint surface.  The force gets under a paint edge and rips the paint off in pieces.  These pieces range in size from a pencil eraser head to the size of the palm of your hand.  With too little force, nothing happens.  But with the high efficiency pumping system and focus on impact force a configured StingRay is an ideal parts washer for your paint removal application.

Paint-Removal-StingRay-Parts-Washer Paint-Removal-in-StingRay-Heavy-Duty-Parts-Washer
Heavy Haul Truck Wheel Spindles paint stripping Paint removal on Gas Turbine Components

StingRay Parts Washer cuts sandblasting time in half
with 70 to 80% paint removal!