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Power-Kleen Detergent For StingRay Parts Washers

When we developed Power Kleen detergents; we wanted soap that would not only clean well, but also lower operating cost and protect the metal parts of the washing machine. Unlike other detergents, we don’t add fillers to bulk it up and decrease the concentration. All of the components of our chemicals are 100% active when added to your reservoir. This provides you with a high concentration detergent which means you need to use less of it when charging your solution.  
Along with the 100% active chemical, we offer outstanding technical support. Our website offers:

Our technicians answer your questions Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. No voice mail to wade through our technicians are the receptionist.  Plus, we have service technicians to help you with training and support on site at your facility. Contact our Service Support Team.

Chemical and Detergent Selection Chart for StingRay Parts Washers