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Clean Out & Recharge Information for your Parts Washer

Most Parts Washers are closed-loop cleaning systems. They reuse the cleaning solution without discharging it for treatment or disposal. When the cleaning solution is fully saturated with greases and oils, merely adding more chemical will not improve cleaning results -- the volume of emulsified greases and oils is greater than the grease to be removed and has no where to go. This condition is called super saturation of solution. To correct this problem, you must remove greases and oils from the solution. Running an optional oil skimmer or an optional sludge scraper will greatly reduce the need to clean out your washer.  At some point super-saturation takes over and only a complete change out of the solution will maintain your cleaning standards. A flap valve diaphragm pump greatly simplifies the clean-out. We have found no other device as effective as this pump for clean-out of the washer.

As part of the sludge clean-out procedure, you will clean out and re-charge your washer with chemical.  Follow the manufacturers clean out instructions.

Parts Washer Safety Equipment

WARNING! Keep your Parts Washer Operators Safe:  

When handling chemicals or working around a hot Parts Washer, always wear gauntlet-type thermally protected and water-repellent protective gloves, protective eyewear, and a full body apron that is thermally protected and water-repellent. MART Tech Services has these items at a special kit price - Item #89088



Once you have completely cleaned out the washer follow the chemical recharging procedure on the Power Kleen container. Remember to never add chemical directly to the parts washer bath and always follow the chemical manufacture’s recommendations.  Use our Chemical Concentration Calculator to determine the proper amount of chemical to add to your fresh bath.  For recommendations on a good starting point for your initial bath concentration of Power-Kleen Detergents see our Concentration Recommendation.

If you have any questions or need help please feel free to contact MART Tech Services.