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15060 StingRay Parts Washer

Mining Steel Block Clamshell Parts Washer StingRay SR15060Large Clamshell Parts Washer

The 15060 Large Clamshell Parts Washer is engineered for Heavy Duty cleaning in many different applications such as engine crankcase, gas turbine cases, off-road equipment, mining shovels and steel mill choke rebuilding. The clamshell design provides you complete access for loading and unloading parts up to 80,000 lbs / 36,400 kg. Large industrial parts washer built for rugged parts cleaning in tough environments.

USA Specifications:

SR 15060 Parts Washer

Metric Specifications:

SR 15060 Parts Washer

Standard Features & General Construction

  • Green Technology: Closed Loop Zero Discharge
  • Clamshell Parts Washer Door Design for Maximum Turntable Access
  • Electronic Water Level Control & Refill
  • Oscillating Wash Manifold to Maximize Cleaning
  • Easy to Service Front Wash Pump Suction Strainer
  • Adjustable Electronic Temp Control, Temp Gage
  • Control Transformer External of Panel minimizes Heat
  • Programmable 24 Hour 7 Day Clock
  • Low Water Shut-off Protects Pumps & Heating System
  • Electronic Door Safety Interlock
  • Wash Cycle Timer with Auto Reset
  • Heavy gage 1/4 " Plate Steel Cabinet Thickness
  • 230 V or 460 V - 60 Hz 3-Phase with 120 V Controls
  • Chemical Resistant Two Part 3 mil Epoxy Coating
Work Area Dimensions: US Metric
Turntable Diameter: 150 inches 3810 mm
Work Height: 60 inches 1520 mm

Table Load Capacity:

28,000 lbs 12,700 kg
Heavy Duty Capacity: 80,000 lbs 36,400 kg
Overall Dimensions: US Metric
Width: (Std Unit) 174 inches 4,420 mm
Depth: (Std Unit) 180 inches 4,570 mm
Height: 142 inches 3,610 mm
Empty Weight: 24,231 lbs 11,015 kg
Reservoir Capacity: 1,160 gallons 4391 liters
Duplex Reservoir: Add 160 gallons Add 606 liters
Sludge Capacity: 180 gallons 680 liters
Spray Blast Manifold:
Angle of Oscillation: (Picture) 40 Degrees
Frequency of Oscillation: 4 per minute
Number of Wash Nozzles: (Picture) 32
Type of Nozzle: V-Jet
Nozzle Material: 316 Stainless
Heating System: US Metric
Operating Temperature: 140-190 degrees F 60-87 degrees C
Initial Heat up Time: 90-120 minutes 90-120 minutes
Electric Heat Element Size: (Picture)** 180 kW 180 kW
 Gas / Propane (Picture)  990,000 BTU/hr  290 kW
Electrical Panel (Picture) US Metric
Motor Starters: Across the Line Across the Line
Short Circuit Protection: Std Std
Overload Protection: Std Std
Electrical Enclosures: NEMA 12 IP65
Wiring Standard: NFPA 79  
Wiring Conduit: Flex-Non-Metallic Flex-Non-Metallic
Conduit Type: Liquidtight Nema 12 Liquidtight IP65
Pump System & Performance:  
Motor Type: (Picture) Energy-Efficient
Motor Rating: Continuous Duty
Motor Enclosures: TEFC

High Efficiency, Rated for continuous duty (20 Start/hour without overheating), vertical, centrifugal, seal-less, balanced, enclosed impeller. Note: All performance data taken at nozzle discharge.

STANDARD: 70 hp (US) 52 kW (Metric)
Total System Flow: 502 gpm 1898 l/min
Flow per Nozzle: 15.7 gpm 59 l/min
System Pressure: 152 psi 10 bar
Blast Velocity: 156 ft/sec 48 m/sec
Power Density: 0.12 hp/ft³ 3 kW/m³


UPGRADES: (Quadroplex) 140 hp (US) High Flow 104 kW (Metric) High Flow 140 hp (US) High Pressure 104 kW (Metric) High Pressure
Total System Flow: 1004 gpm 3795 l/min 860 gpm 3251 l/min
Flow per Nozzle: 15.7 gpm 59 l/min 19.9 gpm 75 l/min
System Pressure: 152 psi 10 bar 190 psi 13 bar
Blast Velocity: 156 ft/sec 48 m/sec 198 ft/sec 60 m/sec
Power Density: 0.24 hp/ft³ 6 kW/m³ 0.24 hp/ft³ 6 kW/m³


Results may vary based on machine configuration.
** Heating element sizes listed for 208, 240 & 480 volt systems. Sizes vary slightly for other voltages.


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