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Parts Washer Configuration

Heat Source - Gas, Electric, Steam

Choice of heating systems to fit your plant energy source.

Automatic Steam Exhaust System

Eliminate steam from your StingRay parts washer with the Automatic Steam Exhaust (ASE) system.

Short High Impact Manifold

Two machines in one. A standard machine and a shorter ultra high impact machine.

Center Manifold Probe

Washes and rinses hollow diameter parts where the interior is not ready accessible to standard spray manifold arms.

Hot-Air Blow-Off

The Hot Air Blow Off (HABO) system speed dries parts.

High Speed Evaporation Drying

Speeds flash drying of parts at lower cost than Hot Air Blow Off with near equal results.

Pump Pressure Regulator

The Pump Pressure Regulator allows the operator to adjust the pressure discharge from the wash nozzles.

50 Hz Operation

Provides the necessary changes to the parts washer to operate with the identical performance parameters as 60 Hertz.

World Model

Parts washers for worldwide use.

International Freight, Crating & VCI

Professional international freight with certified wood crates and VCI corrosion preventing wrap.

Steam Exhaust Volume Control

Steam exhaust damper to control output volume of steam. Proper adjustment conserves energy and maximizes wash temperature.


StingRay Parts Washers

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