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Choose a heating systems to fit your plant energy source. StingRay parts washers operate using gas, steam or electric heat sources.

Advanced Electric Heat System:

Parts Washer Electric Heating System
StingRay Electric Heating System

Simple and effective electric heating is 100% energy efficient, all the electric energy that goes in is converted to heat. Installation is simplified as there is no flue pipe as with a gas heated machine and no condensate return as with a steam heated machine. The StingRay Parts washer uses precedent setting low watt density heating elements for extended life. One quarter lower watt density extends life up to 4 times. The element coating material is not only extremely chemically resistant but also rejects scale and build up. Electrical controls built to NFPA 70 Industrial StingRay design standards for the parts washer provide ISO rated contactors, fused elements and sealed conduit runs to all elements. Well designed NEMA 12 rated element enclosures assure water tight performance. Note: 380VAC systems utilize an even lower watt density to extend the element life more than 5 times longer for export machines. Kilowatt outputs may vary slightly higher or lower than those specified. Request exact kW output for 380VAC systems.

High Output Electric Heat Option:

Electric Heating Element
Low Watt Density Electric Heating Element
used in all StingRay Parts Washers

Increase parts washing productivity with fast heat-up time and high washing temperatures with performance similar to gas heat systems.  The high output heating system turns your StingRay parts washer into a true industrial machine.  High output heat provides the thermal energy required in demanding cleaning applications.  Every 10 to 15°F (6-8 °C) increase in the wash solution bath doubles the chemical reaction of the cleaning detergent.  Wash temperatures of 185°F (85°C) and higher cause grease and oils to run like water. The high output electric heating system provides quick turn-around in high use washing applications where one load after another is processed through the washer.  Quick recovery and fast heating of the parts shortens cleaning cycle time.  Optional load shedding provides additional heat, even when power restrictions prevent running the total heating system with the pumps.

Steam Heat Exchanger

Steam Heat Exchanger
for high energy transfer

Steam Heat System:

Heating the parts washer with your in-plant steam provides exceptional energy transfer for high heat operation and super fast recover times. The StingRay Steam Heat option provides operation with 30 PSI to 100 PSI ( 206 kPa to 689 kPa) steam supply (other steam supply pressures and hot water heating systems are available). System includes highly efficient double embossed plate coil steam heat exchanger submerged in the parts wash reservoir and includes a steam rated control valve and thermodynamic steam trap.

Parts Washer Gas BurnerGas Heat Option for StingRay Parts Washer High Output Gas Burner StingRay Parts Washer
Eclipse Gas Burner on StingRay Parts Washer

High Output Natural Gas/Propane Heat:

Gas heat is the highest heat input system delivering shorter parts washer heat-up time, high wash temperature and faster recovery times. Generally gas heat systems have the lowest operating cost. The feature rich industrial forced air electronic ignition burner is fired in an immersion heat exchanger system. Dual safety gas shut off valves and industrial flame control for safe operation. Laboratory tested heat transfer efficiency is above 74% percent on Riello systems and 82% or higher with StingRay Eclipse Combustion systems. Flue Control Damper is included to allow easy installation and adjustment of burner system (not required on Eclipse). High Limit Temperature Controller is also included that utilizes a thermocouple mounted in parts washer flue to constantly monitor flue gas temperature and shut down system in case of overheating.

industrial_gas_burner_StingRay_parts_washers_firingImmersion Tube Heat Exchangerdead_gas_film_conventional_gas_burnerGas_combustion_scrubbing_StingRay_parts_washer
Gas Burner Combustion Designed for High Temperature Cleaning in the Parts Washer

Gas combustion heated systems are the alternative for the lowest operating cost wash system heating.  Gas systems provide the shortest heat-up times, faster system recoveries and extended rinses with short wash cycles. High Velocity High Efficiency Patented Eclipse Industrial Burner System: Provides maximum heat input for high cycle rates, extremely short heat-up times, maximum wash temperatures and minimum recovery times.  The easy to adjust rugged Industrial Burner System delivers maximum efficiency and minimal emissions.  The thick dead gas film in a conventional gas burner at the heat exchanger wall prevents heat transfer into the wash solution.  In contrast the StingRay combustion burner fires through a small diameter producing high velocity combustion gases that scrub the inner heat exchanger tube surfaces to produce the highest heat transfer rate of any immersion burner available.

 StingRay Eclipse Combustion Gas Burner Advantages:

  • Wordwide combustion service for technical service, trouble free start-up, and initial adjustment
  • Increases the operating efficiency by as much as 14 percent
  • Dual safety shut-off valve train, hi-low gas pressure safety limit switches, and safety combustion air pressure switch
  • FM, IRI, CSA and CE approvals avialable
  • Easy to service and extremely rugged
  • High-low fire system increases the operating temperature and recovery time, even in high altitudes
  • Eliminates seasonal readjustments
  • Quieter operation


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