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High Speed Evaporation Parts Dryer

Steam Exhaust Speed ControlThe industrial parts washer system speeds flash drying of parts at lower cost than the Hot Air Blow Off (HABO option). While the HABO is designed to blow out pockets of water, the Evaporation Dryer enhances the speed of flash drying in the parts washer. Flash drying uses the heat contained in the parts after washing to dry them. Flash drying usually occurs after the parts washer door is opened and the parts are exposed to the dry air outside of the washer. The water on the parts then "flashes" in to water vapor in the shop air. Removing the moisture laden air inside the washer allows the flash drying to happen inside the parts washer. The system dries parts quickly before the door is opened. Exhaust the moisture outside of your plant instead of inside. 

An additional advantage is your ability to adjust the steam exhaust from the control panel to the perfect amount with the variable speed blower. During wash cycles the system completely eliminates any trace of steam around the machine. The variable speed blower allows precise exhaust adjustment.  Preserving steam inside the washer without excessive exhausting of hot air and steam saves energy. The high heat content of the steam is the main energy loss in an industrial parts washer. Field tests show a washing temperature increase of as much as 5 degrees F (2.8 degree C)

The two speed steam exhaust blower operates on high flow for an adjustable period at end of wash cycle.  The blower, during high speed operation, has 6 times the volume flow of the normal steam exhaust and pulls dry outside air through the wash cabinet to speed Flash Drying of your parts.

Get a Steam Exhaust Plus a High Speed Evaporation System

  • Increased Wash Temperature
  • Shorter Steam Exhaust cycle
  • Enhanced Flash Drying
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduces moisture inside your plant

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