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StingRay MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processing System

StingRay MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processor 

The StingRay MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processor removes waste from dirty solution in a single step. The EQ-1 System processes waste streams from many industrial or remanufacturing sources.  The water is clarified, and can either be returned to its processing machinery and recycled, or sewered. The encapsulated waste is most often safe for disposal in a landfill. 

The EQ-1 processor is a verified technology tested and qualified by the EPA. It earned the EPA ETV mark signifying technology with tested and verified environmental pollution prevention in metal finishing. The ETV mark provides credible performance data for commercial-ready environmental technologies. 

 StingRay MART EQ-1 Wastewater Processor

  EQ-1 US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program ET

 EPA ETV website EQ-1 Verification Report (PDF)

 EPA_Report_Results_EQ-1_ETV_MART.pdf (2mB)




Theory of Operation How it Works

MART EQ-1 wastewater processor process description

EQ-1 Operations, What it Does

The StingRay MART EQ-1 Wastewater Treatment System recovers Alkaline cleaner and water for reuse. The processor chemically separates and clarifies spent wash solution and encapsulates the waste for disposal. The chemical compound used in the system’s encapsulating process is a non-hazardous product called by its trade name, Magic Dust.

The Upper Reservoir is the Reactor Tank. In use, an operator pumps wastewater into the Reactor Tank where Magic Dust is added and the batch mixed. Unlike conventional wastewater flocculating systems that require multiple steps and the addition of several chemicals, one charge of Magic Dust and a few minutes of mixing complete the EQ-1 separating and encapsulating process. (The exact Magic Dust formulation and dosage is included in your Wastewater Treatability Report furnished by STINGRAY).

During the mixing, chemical reactions and micro-encapsulation occur. Molecules with adsorbed oil, metallic ions, and charged contaminants attach to the Magic Dust to form a mass. The flocculation process encapsulates the waste into a floc. The clarified water retains about 75% of its active chemical. A Sight Tube on the side of the Reactor Tank allows the operator to see when the separation/encapsulation process is complete.

After encapsulation, the operator filters the flocculated waste through a disposable filter paper to collect the waste for disposal. Once filtering is complete, the operator rolls the filter paper with the encapsulated waste like a burrito into a packet. The packets are placed in the drying tray and after several days harden into a solid similar to dry clay or concrete for handling and disposal. 

The clarified solution collects in the Holding Tank. A Submersible Pump in the Holding Tank rinses the Reactor Tank and transfers the clean solution to the Parts Washer reservoir for reuse or to another optional filtering system such as the StingRay MART Final Polishing System for sewer disposal.

Available Options

♦  250 Gallon, 375 Gallon or 500 Gallon Capacities in Carbon or Stainless Steel

♦  EQ-1 Final Polishing Ion Exchange w/ Filter Chamber, Filter Cartridge, Resin Chamber, Resin Bag, Flow Control Gauge & magnetic coupled discharge pump

♦  Transfer Pump & Cart Assembly w/ 2" Air-operated diaphragm pump mounted on cart with swivel casters and brakes; 15-ft inlet hose & 15-ft outlet hose w/ 1.5" quick disconnects at each end; adjustable flow rate up to 140 gpm

♦  Locking Casters

♦  Wastewater Holding Tanks w/ quick disconnect fittings; chemically resistant

♦  Magic Dust packaged in 50-lb. containers

♦  Filter Media Paper in 250-yard rolls

♦  Filter Cartridge, Resin, Resin Bag

StingRay_MART_EQ-1_with_Final_Polishing_System Platen Divider Drying Chamber StingRay MART EQ-1 Sight Gauge StingRay MART EQ-1

EQ-1 with Final Polishing System

Filter Paper Platen and
Drying Chamber

Sight Gauge 

The optional EQ-1 final polishing system provides the necessary additional treatment via Ion Exchange with resin beads and an in-line cartridge filter for discharge of the clarified solution to the municipal sewer.

Filter Paper StingRay MART EQ-1 Caster Wheels StingRay MART EQ-1 Wastewater Transfer Cart StingRay MART EQ-1 
Filter Paper storage EQ-1 Optional EQ-1 Caster Wheels  Transfer Pump Cart

 Additional EPA ETV Report link:
Public Record of EPA EQ-1 Test Results & Process Description