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Stingray Parts Washers

StingRay Manufacturing offers the following line of heavy duty industrial parts washers to replace your current solvent cleaning equipment, aqueous part washers, aqueous jet spray washers, or other industrial parts cleaning systems.  Our heavy duty washers are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements and feature short cleaning cycle times.

Our industrial customers include Caterpillar, Komatsu, Rolls Royce, Wabtec, Inland Truck Parts, Air Canada, New York Department of Transportation and many more.  Companies like these choose StingRay because we go beyond just building parts washers, we assist each industrial customer with an engineered aqueous cleaning solution to meet their specific industrial cleaning requirements.  Features include:Heavy Duty Industrial Aqueous Parts Washer

  • Closed loop, zero discharge
  • Engineered for structural integrity and maximum washing effectiveness
  • Removes oil, grease, road soil, carbon deposits and many other soils
  • Reliable low cost cleaning
  • Short automatic aqueous cleaning cycle with wash, rinse, rust inhibitor, and flash dry
  • Power Wash Process that utilizes the impact pressure of hot water and detergent to clean dirty parts
  • Fresh water rinse with injected rust inhibitor
  • Oscillating spray blasts parts from a different angle each time the part passes on the rotating turntable
  • Non-synchronous turntable rotation provides hundreds of cleaning angles per wash cycle
  • Complete line of 28 aqueous washers
  • High-capacity turntable to handle wash loads from the largest part to the smallest part

Common Applications

Cat block, Timken bearing, railroad bearing, aircraft wheel, locomotive block, rail car wheel set, electric motor winding, stator, rotor, armature, traction motor, crankcase, diesel engine head, rail power pack, piston, ink bucket, ink tote, mining equipment, steel mill bearing, turbocharger, blower, transmission, hydraulic part, brake shoe, automotive head, crankshaft, gear case cover, turbine, compressor and any other dirty part.

StingRay Part Washers Features and Dimensions

Industrial Part Washer Comparison Charts

See how StingRay Parts Washers stack up against the competition.  Compare our machines against the competition in terms of work volume, load capacity, pump pressure, maximum temperatures and more.

StingRay Parts Washers

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