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Remote Lubrication Points

The Remote Grease fittings on StingRay Aqueous Parts Washers simplify maintenance.  No need to disassemble Parts Washer components or climb inside the Parts Washer cabinet for regular maintenance.  The engineered Remote Grease Fittings provide an external location for lubrication of key bearings.   Forget about enclosed space rules for regular maintenance. Increase accessibility, reduce maintenance time, and improve safety.

Lubrication points inside the parts washer cabinet are piped to a convenient, easily accessible location, outside the main wash cabinet.  Full stainless steel piping and fittings eliminate failure from rust or corrosion. Piping is protected from damage and external labeled fittings are standard for common grease guns.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Accessibility

  • Reduced Maintenance Time

  • Improved Safety

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