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StingRay Parts Washer #8600, SR7273 Configured for Traction Motor Rebuilding for Mining Equipment

NEWS Release:  6/27/2017

Shipped - StingRay Parts Washer #8600, SR7273 Parts Washer, Configured to Clean Traction Motors for the Mining Industry.

End User is a Mining Industry Corporation, recently opening a new 160,000 square-foot facility in Santiago, Chile. StingRay custom-engineered a cleaning system that will take care of all of their traction motor cleaning needs for many years to come.

Update on the User Results will be released once the Factory Service Technician completes the Start-up, Training and Commissioning - check back for results.

Configuration Details:

70 hp Duplex Pump Automatic Heated Fresh Water Rinse Internal Reservoir Cover
Electric Heat Source Automatic Steam Exhaust System Remote Grease Fittings
15,000 lbs. Turntable Capacity Center Probe Manifold Turntable Anchoring Kit
Work Height Increased to 84" 100-Micron In-line Filtration System Industrial Safety & Control Package w/ 50 Hz Upgrade
Pump Amp Meters Automatic Disc Oil Skimmer ♦  Maintenance Kit

Additional information: SR7273 StingRay Parts Washer Specification Detail.

Download USA or Metric Specifications in PDF format.

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StingRay Industrial Parts Washer for Traction Motor Cleaning in Mining

StingRay Parts Washer Welder on Base Fabrication StingRay Heavy Duty Parts Washer Welder on Cabinet Fabrication 

  Heavy Duty StingRay Parts Washer Turntable Fabrication   

StingRay Aqueous Parts Washer Filtration and Pump System    
In-line filtration maintains cleaning solution removing particles as small as 20 micron. All solution for the pumps goes thru the filters

Industrial Parts Washer by StingRay with Center Probe Manifold StingRay Heavy Duty Parts Washer for Traction Motors and Mining Traction Motors for Mining Cleaning StingRay Industrial Parts Washer 
StingRay center manifold probe cleans cylindrical parts from the inside out. Probe moves up and down while turntable rotates parts around it. Safety systems prevent opening the door until the probe retracts to the storage area.