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StingRay Parts Washer #8604, SR4040 Configured for Electric Motor Components

NEWS Release:  6/6/2017

Shipped – StingRay Parts Washer #8604, SR4040(48) Parts Washer, Configured to Clean Electric Motor Components.

End user is an electric lift truck manufacturer in East Syracuse, New York. Being an existing StingRay user with a StingRay from 2014 (#8447) and very happy with the results, they decided a companion StingRay parts washer with a left-hand configuration so as to place both washers side-by-side would be the ideal cleaning system.  Also equipped with a Short High-Impact Manifold, creating a 2-in-1 production advantage – two washers in one machine, accommodating various part sizes, all with the same reliable StingRay One-Step Power Wash Process.

Configuration Details:

55 hp Duplex Pump Short High-Impact Manifold ♦ Left-hand Swing Door
Gas Heat Source Sludge Drag-out Conveyor with Airlift Machine-mounted Oil Coalescer
Work Height Increased to 48" Automatic Heated Fresh Water Rinse Internal Reservoir Cover with Chip Basket
Pump Amp Meter Automatic Steam Exhaust Industrial Safety & Control Package
Pump Sound Insulation Automatic Rust Preventative System  
Cabinet Thermal / Noise Reduction Insulation Remote Grease Fittings  

Additional information: SR4040 StingRay Parts Washer Specification Detail.

Download USA or Metric Specifications in PDF format.

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StingRay Industrial Parts Washer for Electric Motor Components

  StingRay Heavy Duty Parts Washer Cabinet Insulation 

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