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StingRay Parts Washer #8607, SR6048 Configured to Clean Electric Power Generation Engines and Components

NEWS Release:  7/3/2017

Shipped - StingRay Parts Washer #8607, SR6048 Parts Washer, Configured to Clean Electric Power Generation Engines and Components.

End User is an Electric Power Generation Association providing 60,000 people with electric power.  Their 45,000 square-foot maintenance shed needed an industrial parts washer, and they needed the heavy-duty cleaning capability that StingRay can provide.  The owner was familiar with StingRay and its reputation for quality and service, so it was an easy decision.

Configuration Details:

♦  40 hp Simplex Pump ♦  Auto Steam Exhaust
♦  Electric Heat Source ♦  Internal Reservoir Cover
♦  5,000 lbs. Upgraded Turntable Capacity ♦  Chip Basket
♦  Work Height Increased to 60" ♦  Turntable Anchoring Kit
♦  Automatic Heated Fresh Water Rinse ♦  Industrial Control Package
♦  Automatic Disc Oil Skimmer ♦  Maintenance Kit

Additional information: SR6048 StingRay Parts Washer Specification Detail.

Download USA or Metric Specifications in PDF format.

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StingRay Heavy Duty Industrial Parts Washer for Electric Power Generator Engines and Components

StingRay Parts Washer Cabinet Fabrication StingRay Industrial Parts Washer 60 Inch Turntable Heavy Duty StingRay Parts Washer Shipping Preparations

 Industrial Parts Washer by StingRay for Electric Power Generation Engines Heavy Duty Parts Washer by StingRay Open Turntable Power Generators StingRay Aqueous Parts Washer Pump System StingRay Industrial Parts Washer Shipping Preparation 
Packing for international shipment includes VCI wrap fro corrosion prevention and full wooden crates

StingRay Parts Washer Diesel Engine Head Before and After Cleaning 
Diesel engine heads cleaning results, before and after photos show cleaning on the valve side. 

StingRay Heavy Duty Parts Washer Transmission Case Before and After

StingRay parts washer performance on a truck transmission case showing before and after cleaning