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Water: Saturation Pressure and Temperature 

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Water Saturation Pressure and Temperature StingRay Parts Washer

The chart lists water saturation temperature and pressure. The saturation line is the curve that shows the pressure and temperature at which water boils. The chart also compares various elevations above the earth's surface to the saturation pressure. 

For example: at sea level water boils at 212 degrees F. While in Denver, 1 mile above sea level, water boils at only 200 degrees F. The  water boiling temperature limits the maximum wash temperatures because of pump cavitation. Considering that chemical reactivity almost doubles for this 12 degrees difference, it is harder to wash parts in Denver than say in San Francisco at sea level.

These facts remain regardless of if you own a StingRay Parts Washer or any other brand. However the cavitation point is defined by the specific pump used. A pump such as StingRay uses with a low NPSH requirement can wash at a higher temperature before cavitation occurs. (NPSH - net positive suction head - is the absolute pressure required in the pump suction eye to prevent cavitation, it is a curve supplied by pump manufactures that varies with flow) This is a key features of the StingRay duplex pump. The suction pump has extremely low NPSH requirements thus it can operate much closer to the saturation point than a single pump. Don't let the competition convince you otherwise. I know they try but two pumps, one for suction and one for pressure, are better than one for pumping wash solution near the saturation temperature.