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StingRay Parts Washer #8608, SR5248 Configured for Remanufactured Engine Components Cleaning

NEWS Release:  7/18/2017

Shipped – StingRay Parts Washer #8608, SR5248, Configured for Remanufactured Engine Components Cleaning

End User is a leading construction and mining equipment company opening a new remanufacturing center.  Contact was impressed with the reviews of MART and StingRay washers from other reman centers, thus StingRay was the obvious choice for their cleaning needs.

Update on the User Results will be released once the Factory Service Technician completes the Start-up, Training and Commissioning – check back for results.

Configuration Details:

♦ 20 hp Simplex Pump System ♦ Internal Reservoir Cover
♦ Electric Heat Source ♦ Turntable Anchoring Kit
♦ Automatic Heated Fresh Water Rinse System ♦ Industrial Safety & Control Package
♦ Automatic Steam Exhaust System ♦ Maintenance Kit
♦ Automatic Disc Oil Skimmer  

Additional information: SR5248 StingRay Parts Washer Specification Detail.

Download USA or Metric Specifications in PDF format.

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StingRay Industrial Parts Washer for Engine Components Cleaning StingRay Industrial Parts Washer Power Blast Manifold

STINGRAY Parts Washer ready for shipment after final inspection and fabrication

 StingRay Parts Washer 52 Inch Turntable Industrial Sized  

StingRay Heavy Duty Parts Washer for Engine Components StingRay Aqueous Parts Washer for Cleaning Engine Components StingRay Heavy Duty Parts Washer Side View for Engine Components Heavy Duty Industrial StingRay Parts Washer for Rebuilt Engine Components Cleaning