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StingRay Parts Washer #8601, SR3048RBW Configured for Rail Roller Bearings

NEWS Release:  5/23/2017

Shipped – StingRay Parts Washer #8601, SR3048 RBW Rail Bearing Parts Washer, Configured to Clean Rail Roller Bearings.

End User is a rail bearing manufacturer in India.  Machine features a 30-inch turntable and customized 48-inch work height, equipped to handle the stresses of day-in, day-out washing of various roller bearing types. The Custom Bearing Fixture is designed to hold 240 complete bearings in an 8-hour shift.

Bearings and chocks are thoroughly cleaned and dried in 15-minute cycles. Bearing greases are easily removed between rollers and cage, thanks to the StingRay One-Step Power Wash Process.

Other Configuration Details:

♦  30 hp Pump System           ♦ Automatic Heated Fresh Water Rinse

Automatic Steam Exhaust   ♦ Custom Bearing Fixture

Mini Surface Drag-off Conveyor with Airlift collects floating masses of waste, such as grease, oil and other floating contaminants, from the parts washer solution surface and deposits the waste into a container for disposal.

An update on the user results will be released once the factory service technician completes the start-up, training and commissioning - Check back for results.

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StingRay Industrial Parts Washer for Rail Roller Bearings








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