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StingRay Remanufacturing, Retrofitting and Refurbishing

NEWS Release:  4/25/2017

Industrial Parts Washer Reburbishment StingRay

StingRay adds value with Remanufactured Parts Washers. Besides this retrofitted machine, StingRay recently restored a 1996 MART for a User in California; another one built in 2002 for an existing StingRay User in Canada. Whether you are interested in a preowned machine, need a retrofit, or your own washer is looking for a makeover, StingRay’s remanufacturing process transforms preowned machines into like-new condition and at savings versus a new machine! To see what is available now visit StingRay Reman Central HERE


StingRay MART Heavy Duty Parts Washer Turntable MART StingRay Industrial Parts Washer StingRay MART Heavy Duty Parts Washer Scraper StingRay Industrial Aqueous Parts Washer