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Individual PART WASHER Options
For StingRay Industrial Part Washers:

PART WASHER Configuration
50 Hz Engineered System
Auto Steam Exhaust
Center Manifold Probe
Heat Source- Gas, Electric, Steam
Heavy Duty Duplex Pump
High Speed Evaporation Drying
Hot-Air Blow-Off
Eclipse Gas Burner Option
Pump Pressure Regulator
Short High Impact Manifold (Video)
Stainless Steel Cabinet
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
Stretched Work Height Mild Steel
Stretched Work Height Stainless Steel
World Model

PART WASHER Productivity

Automatic Lubrication System
Chip Baskets
Closed Loop Rinse System
Hand Rinse Wand
High-Low Pressure Switch
High Output Electric Heat
Hour Meter
Remote Grease Lubrication Points
Rinse Rust-Inhibtor Injector System
Pump Amp Meter
Pump Upgrades
Turntable Capacity
Turntable Jog

PART WASHER Solution Management
In-Line Filtration
Oil Coalescing System
Oil Skimmers
Sludge Pump Cart
Sludge Scraper
Solution Transfer Pump

Cabinet Noise Reduction Insulation
Chemical Spill Containment Pan
Industrial Control & Safety Disconnect
Internal Reservoir Cover
Pump Sound Barrier

PART WASHER Material Handling
Parts Cleaning Baskets
Parts Cleaning Fixtures
Parts Cleaning Tie-Down Ratchet Strap
Parts Loading Jib Crane
Turntable Anchoring Attachments

PART WASHER Energy Conservation
Cabinet Thermal Insulation
Internal Reservoir Cover

PART WASHERS Details & Specifications
Standard Features
Optional Features


Stingray Parts Washer Models

StingRay Manufacturing offers the following line of heavy duty industrial parts washers to replace your current solvent cleaning equipment, industrial parts washers, aqueous part washers, aqueous automotive part washers, aqueous jet spray washers, aqueous cleaning system, and industrial parts cleaning washers. StingRay industrial cleaning machines are engineered to meet the rugged requirements and short cleaning cycle times of our industrial customers like Caterpillar, Komastu, Rolls Royce, P & H Minepro, Air Canada, New York Department of Transportation and many more. StingRay goes beyond just building aqueous parts washers by assisting each industrial customer with an engineered aqueous cleaning solution to meet their tough industrial cleaning requirements.

Parts Washer - StingRay Heavy Duty Cleaning Solutions

  • Closed loop, Zero Discharge, industrial heavy-duty aqueous parts washer
  • Engineered for structural Integrity and maximum aqueous parts washing effectiveness
  • Aqueous cleaning machine removes oil, grease, road soil, carbon deposits and many other soils
  • Reliable low cost aqueous part and parts cleaning
  • Short automatic aqueous cleaning cycle with wash, rinse, rust inhibitor, and flash dry
  • Uses the Power Wash Process with the impact pressure of hot water and detergent to clean dirty parts.
  • Fresh water Rinse after aqueous part washing cycle with injected rust inhibitor
  • Oscillating spray blasts parts from a different angle each time the part passes on the rotating turntable
  • Non-synchronous turntable rotation provides hundreds of cleaning angles per wash cycle
  • No other industrial spray washer, jet spray washer or aqueous washing machine cleans as well
  • Complete line of aqueous washers with 28 industrial washing machine models
  • High-capacity turntable to handle wash loads from the largest part to the smallest part
  • StingRay Industrial Washer Applications: Cat block, Timken bearing, railroad bearing, aircraft wheel, locomotive block, rail car wheel set, electric motor winding, stator, rotor, armature, traction motor, crankcase, diesel engine head, rail power pack, piston, ink bucket, ink tote, mining equipment, steel mill bearing, turbocharger, blower, transmission, hydraulic part, brake shoe, automotive head, crankshaft, gear case cover, turbine, compressor and any other dirty part.

StingRay Part Washers Features and Dimensions:

Standard Industrial Washers Features

Metric Dimensions Chart

Industrial Part Washer Comparison Charts:

Industrial Washers Turntable Load Capacities Comparison Chart StingRay Parts Washer,
MART Cyclone / Tornado / Hurricane Power Washers & Proceco Typhoon Jet Spray Washer

Aqueous Parts Washer and Jet Spray Washer Manufacturers Comparison Chart

StingRay Part Washer Models

Retractable Turntable Model 30 Aqueous Parts Washer - designed for the part washing of automotive, transmission, and diesel component rebuilders, these washers provide the same cleaning performance as our larger industrial washers in a smaller cleaning cabinet.

Parts Washer - StingRay 3040 Retractable Turntable

SR3055 StingRay Parts Washer


Retractable Turntable Models 40, 52, 60, 72 Aqueous Parts Washer - perfect for a wide variety of industrial aqueous cleaning applications. This washer line is used for part washing by by electrical motor rebuilders, wheel shops, diesel engine rebuilders, and the US military. These are the aqueous cleaning applications where the cleaning power of the StingRay washing pump can truly be utilized to remove some of the toughest industrial dirt and grime.

Parts Washer - StingRay 4040

Parts Washer - StingRay 4063
Parts Washer - StingRay 5248
Parts Washer - StingRay 5275

Parts Washer - StingRay 5248

Parts Washer - StingRay 6048
Parts Washer - StingRay 6075
Parts Washer - StingRay 7266

HD Retractable Turntable Model 60, 72, 84, 100 Industrial Washer - engineered for cleaning larger components like Caterpillar engine blocks, locomotive traction motors and crankcases, ink totes, and jet engine components.
Parts Washer - StingRay 60112
Parts Washer - StingRay7273
Parts Washer - StingRay 8473
Parts Washer - StingRay 10073

Heavy-Duty Clamshell Turntable Model 84, 100, 120, 136 Industrial Parts Washer - manufactured for applications beyond the capacity of the standard retractable turntable washer. The StingRay Clamshell washer is designed to handle loads up to 82,500 lbs and work heights matching your tallest parts cleaning requirement. Many standard features for this industrial washer line include our New Heavy-Duty 70 hp pump systems and sludge removal system to minimize maintenance. The v-notch roof line of the clamshell configuration offers easy access for loading with an overhead crane.
StingRay 84112 Parts Washer
Parts Washer - StingRay Clamshell 10090



In-line Lift Door Model 60 Industrial Parts Washer - is engineered for large volume parts washing. This washer is fully automated and designed into your process. A favorite for washing rail bearings. Depending on your part washing demand we can include any of our automated conveyor systems and fixturing.
  Aircraft Wheel Washer Systems - engineered to clean aerospace wheels of all sizes in quick cycles. Complete cleaning system with high power density removes rubber bead without brushes and produces clean and dry wheels in under 15 minutes. Used throughout aviation for washing wheels as well as aircraft brakes. Stainless Steel construction for long economic life.
Parts Washer - StingRay Dual Lift Door Stingray_SR4036_Aircraft_wheel_washers Parts_Washer_StingRay_6036_Aircraft_Wheel_Washer.jpg  

Parts Washer - StingRay 6048 DLD Dual Lift Door

Parts Washer - StingRay 4036 AWW Parts Washer - StingRay 6036 AWW

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