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Why StingRay: Heavy Duty Parts Washer

What Makes A StingRay Heavy Duty?

  • Designed to Last, a StingRay Parts Washer is fully Engineered for Structural Integrity. Structural Engineers studied every load carrying component and over-designed each component for maximum strength and stiffness to provide the utmost value.
  • High Turntable Load Capacities – StingRay turntable loads capacities are some of the highest in the industry. Not all load capacities are the same.  Moment and torque greatly affect the rating of a turntable.  Without  knowing the moment capacity of the turntable the static load capacity at the center has little meaning.
  • Oscillating Manifold - StingRay non-synchronized moving wash manifold blasts your parts from multiple angles during the cleaning process far exceeding the results from fix spray angle systems common in many parts washers. It is built from ¼’ carbon steel square tubing and ASTM rated pipe. The manifold is oscillated by a ruggedly engineered drive assembly and fully machined sealed swivel joint to allow it to move freely during operation. This system is field proven for reliability.
  • Power Density - StingRay combination of work volume, horsepower and largest selection of pump systems allow the user to cleaning even the largest parts. We offer the largest selection of power density upgrades available on the market today. This along with our pump frames and support structure is engineered for 150 hp, three times the rated horsepower applied to any structure. While other washers just get your parts wet, StingRay utilize high performance pumps to blast your parts clean.
  • High Efficiency Eclipse Burner & High Output Electric Heating - just as important as the power density is the heat available during the cleaning process. StingRay engineers each parts washer to insure that it will maintain temperatures of 160 - 195 degrees during your heaviest daily cleaning.
  • Materials of Construction - ASTM structural materials for all load carrying members and structures. All structural angles, box beams and wide flange I-beams meet ASTM A36 requirements. Cabinets construction is 7 gauge sheet and 3 gauge plate which is ASTM specified for known capabilities and verified structural integrity.  StingRay does not use any off spec structural materials or materials from auctions or unknown sources.  All materials have certified ASTM specifications.
  • Welding - performed by certified welders to AWS weld specifications using certified welding materials and techniques.  All welds are visually inspected to StingRay and AWS welding standards for assurance of maximum strength. Water tight welds are leak tested mechanically.
  • Structurally Rugged Turntable - is built from solid steel rolled rings, rugged steel webbing and solid steel pins to drive your largest load.  The webbing is full penetration welded to the support shaft or hub for maximum rigidity and stiffness.
  • Over-Engineered tested door frame, base frame structure and turntable support - with a minimum design factor of safety of 3.  All base and door frame structural steel angle meets or exceeds the ASTM –A36 requirements.