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Standard StingRay Parts Washer Specifications

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Parts Washer Cleaning Applications



StingRay Aircraft Wheel Washer

Each StingRay Parts Washer is a pre-designed Configured Industrial Parts Washing Solution.  Our unique aqueous washer design allows us to easily configure an industrial cleaning machine specifically for your needs from our pre-designed options. Your parts washer configuration is like getting a custom parts washer. StingRay offers 120 options and features on every industrial parts washer that tailors your washing machine specifically for your cleaning application. Talk to our Parts Washer Application Specialist about your aqueous part washing needs.

A partial list of our industrial PARTS WASHER Applications include:

Aircraft Wheel Washer
Wind Turbine Gearbox Parts Washer
Transmission Parts Washer
Steel Mill Bearing Parts Washer
Locomotive Crankcase Washer
Aircraft Bearing Parts Washer
Cosmoline Removal in a Parts Washer
Dykem Removal with a Parts Washer

Aircraft Brake Washer
Rail Bearing Parts Washer
Caterpillar Diesel Engine Parts Washer
Electric Motor Parts Washer
Ink Pail & Ink Tote Parts Washer
Diesel Engine Block Washer
Large Parts Washers

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